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Foreclosure Defense

You have rights as a California homeowner, Slater Law will help defend your property and negotiate a resolution that you and your family can live with!


Slater Law may be able to slow or even stop the foreclosure process while negotiating with the bank for a loan modification.  In some circumstances we can even get a portion of the principle forgiven on your loan as part of the process!

You wouldn’t go into surgery without a knowledgeable doctor you trust; don’t try to handle the complex and unpredictable nature of home foreclosure on your own -- get the help and support you deserve from an attorney at Slater Law.

Facing foreclosure? You need Slater Law!

When a bank begins the foreclosure process they can overlook serious details – some banks have been caught in red handed fraud. Often Slater Law can sue the bank for any mistakes they may have made in your foreclosure case and then negotiate the terms so that you may be able to keep your home.

If you have received a foreclosure notice, an eviction notice, notice of default, notice of sale, an auction date for your home, or sometimes even if your home was already auctioned off at a foreclosure sale – Slater Law, can help.  Contact Slater Law today.  When your home faces foreclosure, the sooner in the foreclosure process you get help, the better!

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